Rowena Brown

Ceramic art. Sculptural forms with striking multi-layered surface decoration.

Rowena works with heavily pigmented clays to construct evocative sculptural and architectural forms. She was drawn initially to the motif of the building, abruptly abandoned following environmental or manmade disaster; a vessel for reminiscence and an object implying a human presence by its absence. Over time these distinctive buildings have become more archetypal and allude to the dichotomous themes of isolation and community. They exude stillness and a diffident solitude. Intended to prompt contemplation and to provoke recollection, each piece has its own temperament with individual surface texture, marks and features. This approach to surface decoration with its multiple layers of slips and glazes creates a visual interest that draws the onlooker in.

Working from the black corrugated studio at her home on Iona, Rowena exhibits and sells her ceramics throughout the UK and internationally.


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Open by appointment only



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Ceramic art studio/workshop.


Isle of Iona
PA76 6SP

Grid reference
NM 28175 23450

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